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Many people share similar struggles, but every family is as unique as a snowflake.
Some of these stories may help you parent your own children Do any of these resonate with you? Can you tweak just one thing in your life to make that change that you need to create the peaceful parenting life you crave for your family?
*To protect the confidentially of our clients we have changed the names below. 


Meet Hana!

She is a single mum that was struggling with her children. Being pulled by the demands of work and home, alongside not having any other support, she found herself too drained to do what she says she, “knows she should.”  

 Any of her attempts to discipline her children seemed to make things worse. She was also having a hard time keeping up with their schooling and supporting them by following up.

Coach Iram heard her frustration and knew that she would be able to help her overcome what seemed like a hopeless cycle of trying to do more and never getting there.

Alhamdulilah, with focused strategies together we eliminated the mum-guilt and with support we were able to get her back on track.  We focused on the issues that would actually make a difference in her children’s lives.

As well, Iram gave her an Academic Tracker so  she had an easy visual method of ensuring her children were on track in school. (Just click the pic to get your copy.) 

Meet Rukeya

A deeply dedicated mother that was trying her best to instil the values she hoped her children would have. The way she learned how to discipline and teach her children Islamic values did not seem to make a difference to the way her child responded. She felt her son was becoming rude and showing the opposite of what she was trying to instil. With a few coaching calls, she learned where her missed steps were and how to create a standard of high expectations by gently enforcing respectful boundaries.  [You can watch the Masterclass on creating high expectations by clicking here.]

Alhamdulilah, by setting good intentions and a little bit of motherly love and effort her son’s behaviour improved dramatically, and she is very pleased with the young man he is becoming.

Meet Anam.

She was having a hard time dealing with her parents. She felt controlled and as bad as it made her feel to admit this, she felt manipulated into things that she did not want to do or accept. She tried to set boundaries, but it just never really stuck.

With some 1-on-1 coaching, she learned all about her pattern of behaviour and how to set those respectful boundaries with her parents, so she didn’t feel pressured to be a certain way. 

Eliminating that guilty feeling is very difficult for muslim mums, as we often have a cultural expectation and a religious obligation to our parents. Validating your feelings and accepting that relationships evolve with the ebb and flow of life changing events is the first step in creating the life you want, not that life you feel you're stuck with.

Meet Sana.

She felt she had her hands full with a feisty 2-year-old. She felt she had lost control of her own sense of self and walked on eggshells around her toddler. This was depleting her confidence, but she just couldn’t deal with the tantrums since her in-laws were also closely involved.

With some 1-on-1 coaching, she was able to learn actionable strategies like 'Broken record' and 'Don't negotiate with terrorists toddlers' that she applied right away. This instantly gave her control over the situation and helped her to parent with confidence regardless of other people’s input and opinions. 

A valuable lesson to learn here is that supporting a parent doesn't involve 'taking over' and 'going over their head.' Children who grow up with this constant conflict suffer from stress and anxiety and maybe later in life even depression. 


Meet Leila 

She was a single mother that felt her parenting issues would be solved if she had someone else to help her. She attributed all her problems to the fact that she was single, which of course, is far from the truth.

In her 1-on-1 coaching, she uncovered many “aha moments” which helped her overcome her limiting beliefs. 

She was able to work on her self-development and grow into a healthy version of herself, which made finding the right spouse much easier.

Her daily wins proved to her that her vision of a healthy marriage is achievable and how to develop and live with a positive mindset.

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