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The job of a parent is unlike any other! Single parenting can sometimes be extremely difficult in balancing all the needs of the family and trying to keep things running smoothly.

Unfortunately, in the Muslim community there isn’t very much support for single parents, whether it’s the father or the mother trying to hold things down.


Parenting, in some ways is instinctive, but in many ways it’s not. Without having a support system, it can quickly feel like a losing battle.


Sometimes single parents lack that sounding board that couples have, they don’t have the voice of reason telling them when they’ve gone too far or a gentle reminder telling them they need to be a bit stricter.


Single parents often face the (albeit irrational) guilt of knowing that their child (through no fault of their own) lacks the consistency of just one home, one bedroom, one set of rules.


They may try to over-compensate resulting in spoilt or smothered children. We help you achieve balance and show you how you are enough.


Co-parenting can get tricky and is often not talked about. This too is a skill requiring parents to learn to balance emotions and logistics. It can be overwhelming to navigate but we’ll teach you how you can co-parent without having your children caught in the middle.


You’ll also learn how to co-parent compassionately, with a balanced approach that doesn’t leave you feeling unheard or triggered into trying to control what feels like chaos.


Bearing in mind the example of one of the most famous single mothers in all of mankind and of course our beloved Prophet  himself lost his beloved wife and was also a single parent. SubhanAllah. 


With Muslim experts, speakers and a thriving platform, we hope to provide all Muslim parents, whether divorced, widowed or separated for other reasons, with a place of comfort and support.