Let’s face it, good parenting is a skill!  Fortunately, it can easily be learned and immediately put into practice. We know your time is precious and we know you’re here because you worry about your children. You worry if you’re doing “this parenting thing” right or if there’s an easier way. Maybe you’ve even asking yourself “Is it supposed to be this hard?” or “Is it normal to feel so worn out?” or “Will I fail my children?”


The answer is NOPE, NOPE and NOPE!


Children are a blessing, and it doesn’t have to be in disguise. Take it from us and the thousands of other Muslim parents that have also learned HOW to effectively parent - it doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling, mentally draining experience.


Yes, you heard right! Parenting does not have to cause you anxiety or stress. Deep down you don’t have to hide your exhaustion and how sometimes your child drives you up the wall. We know!


Take a deep breath, say bismillah and embrace the opportunity of learning easier, more natural, and practical ways to parent your children. Of course, all the while keeping Allah (swt) at the forefront of everything you do.


These masterclasses are designed to be deeply impactful, mentally and emotionally transformational, as well as practical! This way, you can be that awesome, calm, confident parent you admire from afar and instead of wondering 'How they do it?' you'll know! 

Watch our videos on raising awesome muslim children now... we have videos on teaching them quran, preparing for Ramadan... being the best mother you can be, being an awesome father and more! 
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Level-Up Your Parenting

Get involved and enjoy Islam-inspired guided activities.


These fun activities are designed to create beautiful memories, teach, and firmly root the parent-child bond.


Each activity offers different learning outcomes, your children gain essential skills, will learn about each member of their family and more importantly how to get on with their siblings~ they will even begin to see you in a different light!


When you let your hair down and play and you will forge that special unbreakable bond with your children. You might even  discover hidden gems -outcomes which will be unique to your family!
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Refresh, Relax and Recharge


‘Refresh, Relax and Recharge’ is a bespoke coaching course aimed at those who want to learn about the psychology of parenting with an Islamic ethos. We run live sessions each year during the summer break to get you ready for the year ahead.
 During the year it is available as a self-paced course with workbooks to help you get the most out of the sessions. 
6 Coaching sessions for the price of one!

A Father’s Reflection ~ Conference

A series of action packed lessons brought to you by experienced fathers of the Ummah, offering their expertise, their wisdom, their scholarly perspectives, and some serious “food for thought.”
A great conference for both mum and dad to watch together and share the bond of parenting through learning and growing.
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A New Sense Of Parenting

Get Ready for a New Era of Islamic parenting. Our debut conference was a resounding success.

We met an array of parent coaches and mums who take their duties as mothers of the ummah seriously. 

If you haven't caught this conference yet, you need to sit down with a huge cup of coffee and a thick writing pad. Note down your gems and thoughts and watch your relationships with your children blossom. 

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