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Education with Sara

Understanding realistic milestones in your children’s educational journey can make all the difference for parents. Many parents struggle with feeling their child has not accomplished enough, without putting things into perspective. Some parents struggle with teaching the varying learning styles, and feel their children simply “cannot learn,” however, that too is also a misconception.

We tackle education with advice, resources, and worksheets, to help steer parents in a healthy, realistic direction.


Development with Sara and Iram

The development of your children can be understood in different ways. From the early years of motor skills to the later years of upholding responsibilities. Along with the physiological self, dealing with the difficult years of tantrums, to the difficult years of puberty. We cover a wide range of issues that can help you in interacting with your children in a manner that speaks directly to where they are in their life’s journey.


Behaviour With Iram

Many parents struggle with discipline. Parents are stuck between old school ways of dealing with a child’s stubbornness or unwillingness to want to cooperate and “new age” parenting techniques. There is much confusion surrounding how to rear a child to support the characteristics of a believer which includes empathy, discipline, respect etc. We offer discussions alongside actionable tools to get through this confusion and learn to instil good manners in our children.


Islam Day-to-Day with Amina and Lara

All of incorporates the foundational element of Islam, from education to behaviour. However, some issues can be categorized as specifically Islamic elements, such as duas (supplication) that increase blessings in the home etc. We are thoroughly convinced that Islam is the perfect way of life, and through its teaching from Quran and Sunnah we can learn to directly incorporate the remembrance of Allah in our lives and that of our children.