Dad, Say “YES!”

The founders of have been teaching and coaching individually for many years now.

One sticking point that shows up time and time again is regarding dads!
Fathers we hope that you realize how important you are, especially to your younger children.
You might feel your role in your children’s lives is limited to paying bills and telling them to do well in school. (Don’t get us wrong,) This type of stability is extremely important and valuable to the mental and physical upbringing of your children.


However, there are many dads that forget about the emotional upbringing of their children. Even if mum is doing a great job, with dad just as involved in the mix, things go from good enough to amazing.
We’ve created a space for all you Muslim fathers out there that are struggling to say, “yes” to your children’s need for attention (not material things!).


To say “yes” to your wife’s need for your fatherly presence, and most importantly to say “yes” to allow yourself to rise to your potential as The Strong, Inspiring Leader in your home.
A leader that takes pride in raising his children firmly in religion, through his words and actions.

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What will you learn about?


How to be less the Absent Father and more the Involved Father - Nur Choudhury


How to Ruin your Child Permanently - Sahil Adeel


How to Parent with a Halal Mindset - Maruf Yusopov


How to Raise a Multicultural Family with Love – Yahya Ibrahim


What are the Best Practices for Islamic Education - AbdurRahman Chao


How do we Raise our Children for their Generation - Ammar AlShukry. 

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