When We Were First Time Mums….

Jan 12, 2022

from LoveLearningOnline   

From a young age I was the go-to babysitter for all of my aunties, everyone would marvel at my babysitting skills and the seemingly endless energy I had to hold and rock their babies to sleep. That’s why when I got that positive on the pregnancy test, went through a pregnancy and gave birth to my first child Maryam, I was ready! Fast forward to her being 4 days old and me teary eyed, tired and exhausted handing my baby to her father (who by the way was on his playstation with his brother and my brother.) 

I’ll never forget his face when he came to my room holding this helpless child and said “What do you want me to do with her?!” Thus began our parenting journey filled with ups and downs and highs and lows. I had literally a library of pregnancy and birthing books but  my first mistake was that I didn’t buy my first parenting book until she was 2 years old!


I remember bringing my baby home from the hospital and I was looking at him sleeping and thinking Oh My God I just love him so much..and soon after when I experienced that postpartum rush of hormones (the baby blues) I remember crying and realising that my mum did so much for me, how can I ever be grateful enough to her? 

I remember thinking, wow he’s a real human, when he was about 6months old and he was at that age when they want everything from you. I was drinking a smoothie and really enjoying it when he started grabbing it from me, I have to admit I think my motherly instincts were still off as I remember thinking … “No, I don't want to share this with you!” 

from MyMoon Online

 This isn’t my first memory but it’s the first time I remember thinking “Ohh this is going to be harder than I thought!” When I first had my son and brought him home, my daughter was already two years old and from the first minute I was trying to separate them. She would try to hit him, punch him and I had to keep protecting him from her and if I left them alone for a minute I had to hide him! I was beginning to get really frustrated with her but it was shocking to me to realise that she wasn’t doing it out of hatred or jealousy, she was genuinely curious and wanted to know what this ‘thing’ was that I had brought home with me. She was just doing it to see what happened. I felt on top of the world when I ‘had that realisation’ because it meant that I understood my non-verbal child! #win 


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